Monthly Archive: August 2013

Julie Speidel – A Perfect Edge

The work of Seattle sculptor Julie Speidel is heavily influenced by ancient forms and monuments. As a teenager, she lived in the British Isles and was fascinated by the pre-historic ruins she saw in England, Ireland, and Scotland, including the stone monoliths at Newgrange and Stonehenge. Her work in both bronze and stone reflects the […]

Yamhill Carlton AVA branding video

Yamhill-Carlton AVA is home to Oregon wine industry pioneers, winegrowing veterans and the valley’s friendliest natives. Pat & Joe Campbell founded Elk Cove Winery in 1974 and were among the very first wineries in the Willamette Valley. They paved the way for winemakers and industry luminaries like Ken Wright, Tony Soter, Lynn Penner-Ash and Eric […]

Pilchuck – A Dance with Fire – Teaser

This is the teaser for our documentary about the Pilchuck Glass School, and how it shaped the studio glass movement.  Pilchuck started 40 years ago by Dale Chihuly and the Hauberg family, is the most notable glass school in the world.  Because of Pilchuck the Pacific NW has become the most recognized glass art hub, […]

Terry Turrell, In Layers

Turrell is an artist of delicate hand using unconventional, often recycled materials to create a beautiful edginess indicative of his Northwest roots.  Drawn to art his entire life, Turrell’s innate ability to transform the ordinary or overlooked is as unique as his style.  Working intuitively, Turrell creates work that is both innocent and confrontational. His […]