Yamhill Carlton AVA branding video

Yamhill-Carlton AVA is home to Oregon wine industry pioneers, winegrowing veterans and the valley’s friendliest natives. Pat & Joe Campbell founded Elk Cove Winery in 1974 and were among the very first wineries in the Willamette Valley. They paved the way for winemakers and industry luminaries like Ken Wright, Tony Soter, Lynn Penner-Ash and Eric Lemelson, who all chose Yamhill-Carlton as the site of their life’s work. Perhaps the people who will leave the most lasting impression, however, are the welcoming hospitality staff who man the individual wineries, area restaurants, and local inns you’ll visit during your stay. We’re proud of the community we’ve built and you’ll see this demonstrated daily in our cooperative endeavors, generous nature and gracious service. The people of Yamhill-Carlton are the heart of this breath-taking region.

Produced by John Forsen, shot on Sony EX-3 with Letus and Ziess primes, Canon 5D, and Sony PMW-F3L with Ziess Master prime 65mm.