What Drives Our Work?

  • Curiosity:  We are incredibly interested in everything.
  • Listening:  Your insights spark our imagination.
  • Collaboration:  Innovative stories are born out of your vision and our experience.

john-forsen-linked-inJohn Forsen  –  Producer | Director | Pioneer | Idea Delivery Man

Boldly go.

John is an intrepid storyteller. He builds stories by breaking down barriers and seeking out new territory. If it hasn’t been done, he’ll try it. If it’s been done, he’ll inject an unexpected twist to take your story to eye-opening destinations.

On the set, he’s the guy working the hardest. No hierarchy. No attitude. He simply gets the job done. He’ll guide you to reach beyond what you thought was possible and deliver ideas that are fresh, innovative and sometimes a half bubble off center.


Gayle Podrabsky

Dive in.

Curiosity is the engine that drives Gayle right to the heart of the story – the why and the how in pursuit of honest, unadulterated wow. What does that mean to your production? Everything! She filters out clutter and brings the soul of the story into focus.

Gayle is at her best and happiest when she’s immersed, interviewing and exploring a subject in an impressive depth that comes naturally. She gives her subjects an openness and comfort level that empowers them to share their world.  Gayle’s gift is the ability to uncover emotional truths. To move to tears, move to give, move to be a better citizen of the planet.